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Here you can find descriptions of all my services. If you have any question feel free to contact me.


Using  a rattle and my hands, I scan your body so that I can have clear picture of your energy field. 

I use simple massage techniques to remove obstacles like fear or anger and I extract foreign energies or blockages from your energy field. 

During healing process you won't feel anything. You will be in deep relaxation mode. 

After healing your energy flow will be regenerated and strong.

Healing is generally short, between 15-30 min. but in some cases it can last up to an hour. 


Creating a ceremony has infinite possibilities.

 Ceremony has no rules but it does require some structure and normally has some simple guidelines to follow and at the same time provides a space for the intuition and spiritual direction of the individual to evolve within the process.

I prefer holding ceremony on those places where all four element meet: earth, air, fire and water.

Cleansing of negative energies

We all know how it feels having a cluttered living space. It gets to our nerves, it makes our thoughts unclear, and it makes us feel generally unmotivated. 

The clutter comes from an unseen energetic level. Unseen energy is the forerunner for energy that we see in the physical realms. So before we remove unnecessary items from our physical surrounding, we must first remove unnecessary items from our energetic environment. This is where shamanic space clearing is a great tool.

The cleansing of aura is a sacred energy cleansing practice that aims to readjust energetic imbalances. It is done by using spiritual practices, medicinal plants and channelling the power of plant spirits.

Finding your spirit animal

To find your spirit animal is only for those who are truly ready to take this remarkable journey. 

It’s a powerful path to walk and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Using my shaman drum and guiding you thoroughly, you are about to have the most powerful experience in your life by meet your animal spirit and receiving messages from other dimensions.

Shamanic journeying

The shamanic journey is the act of altering consciousness in a safe and controlled way in order to access other dimensions

Those dimensions are seen as a Separate Reality, as landscapes.

Depending on your intention depends your experience.

Journeys can be sharp and clear, but they may also be fuzzy, shifting and interruptive. This is OK. Just relax and to ride the wave, to surf.

Journeying is usually 15 mi. long.

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