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healing - ceremony - cleansing of negative energies - finding your spirit animal - shamanic journeying

Welcome my spiritual sisters and brothers

Welcome to my website where you can learn more about me and my work.

My journey

My spiritual journey started when I was 4-5 years old. On one side I had egocentric parent. Sick mother who blamed me for her unfortune and I had to watch my every step because she needed no reason to be aggressive toward me. 

On the other side I had spiritually oriented neighbours with whom I could talk about everything and I could be who I really am. 

One day, heaving quite afternoon time, I was thinking about Bible, God/Creator and how he made us in his own image and we are his children just like Jesus. Then a "ball" of knowledge began to take place by asking me questions and teaching me through them.

Learning proces​s

If Jesus was the same as God because God made him by his own image... and God made us by his own image... that means that we are equal. We are Jesus, we are God.

If Jesus could heal sick people that means that we all can heal each others.

If Jesus had unconditional love in his heart that means that we all have unconditional love in our hearts.

From that day Gods energy started to flow through my hands. From that day I saw my mother through different eyes. She was not bad and mean person, I saw her as a person who needs help. I helped her just by touching her body with pain, giving her foot massage and sending her love.


Through my 47 years in this body I have learned a lot by reading books, attempting courses and hade honour to learn:

> An Mo & Tui Na, Chi Gung and flow of energy from sifu Sinisa Ivanji 

> Levels 1, 2 and 3 of sensei Mikao Usui reiki by instructor Erika Nagy

> Relaxation massage with elements of sports massage by Prim Dr. Srdjan Soldatovic, specialist for sport medicine and senior physiotherapist Ljiljana Nikolic

> shaman training with Monica i Ommaby and  through shaman initiation I have got the name: Hon Som Talar Med Vinden / Windtalker

> several online courses with shaman Alberto Villoldo

But I must admit that my biggest teacher was my spiritual teacher who has been with me more than 40 years. 

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